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THE LAND OF FAE: What is it? Have you been there? Want to know?

The Land of Fae is much like the way our Earth used to be. It is lush and pure and nature is abundantly thriving.

The beings who live there are called by many names. To each, they are unique. A commonality between these beings, called Fae, is that they are unified in their devotion to and love of life.

In every way they respect life, all of it. Most importantly, they respect each other, their lands and the self.

The fabric of the Universe that the Land of Fae resides within, is different than ours. It's like an entire alternate reality. One must shift his or her state of awareness in order to enter it, and the best way to do this is through the day dream or the night vision.

The easiest way to enter the Land of Fae is to enter while in a dream.



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